THE CASE FOR READING – Why everyone should read more (even CEOs, business people and anyone who wants to communicate anything)

My goodness. So great to read this (pun intended.) Making time in your life for reading for pleasure enriches all other aspects of your life. As someone who teaches writing workshops to bureaucrats and office staff, I can generally tell who reads and who doesn’t. Well done Alice Soon.

Alice Soon

My co-worker made a joke last week about adding new letters to my title – C.E.O. – Chief Editing Officer. It turns about our actual CEO had written something that he wanted me to look over and fix. Why? I have no idea. Apparently being a fiction writer also makes me qualified to edit EVERYTHING.

And that’s when I realized – Every day, I read stuff in the corporate world by people who are highly educated & intelligent, but that makes me want to poke my eyes out. These emails, letters and articles are filled with run-on sentences (not the stream-of-consciousness kind you would find in Faulkner’s work*), commas in the wrong places, terrible slogans & marketing euphemisms.

They cannot write. They think that writing should be the way you speak. WRONG. Writing is about communication. It’s about crafting words specific to your audience (remember, overwriting is just as bad…

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